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I’m here to help you to have all the energy you need to get shit done!

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Hi, i’m kaitlyn.

I love traveling, being in nature, walking, lifting heavy weights, listening to podcasts, reading, cooking, playing with my fur babies (Tyson & Tootsie), and spending time with my family & friends.

But my true passion? Coaching clients 1:1 to gain energy, health, and happiness.


my story

I’m Dr. Kaitlyn Rose, a pharmacist turned biohacker! I’m here to help you have allllll the energy you need so you can finally get shit done & live the life of your dreams!

But first I’ll tell you about my own healing journey and how I transitioned from my career as a retail pharmacist to a health coach and biohacker.

Let’s start from the beginning: why did I become a pharmacist in the first place?

So in high school I knew I wanted two things from my future career: to help people and to make good money. I grew up in a middle class family and I was frequently told, “We don’t have enough money for that”. So I thought that having a career that paid well would make me happy. Also, at that time I thought that a career as a pharmacist would be fulfilling by helping people become healthier. As you can probably imagine, I quickly learned that I was wrong.

I graduated with my PharmD in 2015

I graduated with my PharmD in 2015

I earned my Doctor of Pharmacy degree from Duquesne University in 2015. After graduating, I was making great money. Not many 23 year olds graduate college and start a job with a 6-figure salary. But as the years went on I became more and more unhappy. There were many reasons why I did not like being a retail pharmacist, but the main reason was my realization that I was not helping people

More specifically, I felt like I was not helping patients that were suffering from chronic diseases. In fact, many patients would get worse over time! They would start off taking just one medication, but then they would need another to deal with the side effects from the first one, then another, then another. It got to the point where all I did during a 13 hour work day was put pills in a bottle and tell patients what side effects to expect. I felt so out of alignment with my true purpose, so I made a bold choice to leave this job.

I wanted to pursue my passions, but I didn’t have the physical or mental energy to do so. You see, when I was working as a retail pharmacist that I noticed how I was constantly tired and had a very difficult time concentrating on verifying prescriptions. I went to my family doctor and told him about my symptoms. He diagnosed me with ADD and sent me on my way with a prescription for Adderall. As a pharmacist, I knew that Adderall would help me concentrate, and I was so desperate for a solution that I overlooked the potential side effects of this powerful drug and thought “That’s not going to happen to me”. 

When I worked in retail pharmacy & took Adderall. You can see how gaunt my face was!

When I worked in retail pharmacy & took Adderall. You can see how gaunt my face was!

After 2 years of taking a very high dose of Adderall, I realized I was very wrong. At that point, I only weighed about 100 pounds, I had rashes all over my arms, my face was constantly breaking out, I barely slept, and I had severe anxiety. One day in October of 2017, I remember looking at myself in the mirror, seeing how gaunt my face was and how terrible I looked on the outside and felt on the inside, and realized taking Adderall really wasn’t worth it anymore. So I quit cold turkey (definitely do NOT recommend quitting like this btw!)

I knew there had to be a natural way to increase my energy levels and improve my focus, so I started researching. That’s when I found Bulletproof Radio by Dave Asprey, which completely changed my life. I couldn’t believe all of the knowledge Dave and his interviewees shared! I learned so many hacks to improve my energy, concentration, and much more. Soon I became obsessed with biohacking. I didn’t want to just get rid of my symptoms, I wanted to improve every aspect of my health. I wanted to thrive, not merely survive. 

And I want this for others, too.

Even though I knew quite a bit about the human body and disease states from pharmacy school, I knew I needed to further education to learn a more holistic approach to health. That’s when I enrolled in the Institute of Transformational Nutrition to become a Certified Holistic Health Coach.

Transformational Nutrition is the only approach that combines the scientific study of human health and wellness on multiple levels including the biological, psychological, and spiritual areas of life.

So what does this mean?

It means I’m NOT going to give you a cookie cutter diet, plan, or prescription (hello, old school coaching!).

Rather, we’re going to work together to co-create a personalized plan based on numerous factors: your health history, your lifestyle, your mindset and limiting beliefs, and so much more.

Ready to have allllll the energy you need so you can finally get shine done?! Apply for a free Discovery Call with me!

I understand that not everyone is ready for health coaching, and that’s perfectly fine! In fact, that’s the reason why I create free content all the time on my blog and Instagram. I share tips on my stories every day + you can expect a new blog post once a week (every Sunday evening!) Make sure you’re on my email list so you’ll never miss a post :)

Thank you for reading my story!

Dr. Kaitlyn Rose, PharmD, CTNC