Bulletproof Collagen Protein - What Are The Benefits?

I love everything about the Bulletproof brand, from Dave Asprey’s podcast Bulletproof Radio to all of the high quality products created to “biohack” your life. This blog post is all about Bulletproof Collagen Protein, a product that I have been using for about 6 months now. I’m pretty impressed with the results I’ve seen from this product and I want to share with you what Bulletproof Collagen Protein is and how it can benefit you.

What is Bulletproof Collagen Protein?

Bulletproof Collagen Protein contains just one ingredient: hydrolyzed collagen powder. The term “hydrolyzed” means that the collagen protein has undergone hydrolysis, a process that breaks the collagen protein into smaller chains of amino acids by reaction with an enzyme. The enzymatic hydrolysis ensures that the collagen is not damaged by heat.  Hydrolysis creates a low molecular weight product, which makes digestion, absorption, and distribution of the amino acids throughout the body easier.

One of the main advantages of Bulletproof Collagen Protein compared to other brands of collagen proteins is that the hydrolyzed collagen powder comes from pasture-raised, hormone-free cows. It is odorless and does not have any taste once mixed with coffee or some other type of beverage. I typically mix my Bulletproof Collagen Protein in my coffee along with grassfed butter + Brain Octane Oil in my NutriBullet. Of note, when I just stir the collagen into my coffee without the help of my NutriBullet, it sometimes forms small clumps.

What are the benefits of Bulletproof Collagen Protein?

Collagen is the most abundant protein in the human body. It is a major component of connective tissues that make up several body parts, including tendons, ligaments, bones, muscles, and skin. Collagen is often referred to as the “glue” that holds the body together. Here are some of the benefits of taking Bulletproof Collagen Protein:

  • Support overall bone and joint health

Collagen plays an important role in the building of joint cartilage and it may have anti-inflammatory effects. Taking a collagen supplement has been suggested to help those with osteoarthritis since this disease is caused by the breakdown of the cartilage matrix, which is made up of collagen.

  • Promote healthy, firm skin

Collagen plays a role in strengthening skin, plus may benefit elasticity and hydration. After the age of 20, a person produces about 1 percent less collagen in the skin each year. Moreover, environmental free radicals, such as UV overexposure and cigarette smoking, can degrade collagen proteins. The result is skin that becomes thinner and more fragile with age. By taking Bulletproof Collagen Protein, your skin should appear more firm, plump, and hydrated.

  • Stimulate hair growth

Similar to how collagen affects the skin, supplementing with collagen protein can help to promote stronger hair that grows faster. Specifically, the amino acids in hydrolyzed collagen enable the hair follicle to produce keratin, the protein that makes up 95% of the hair shaft.

Benefits I’ve noticed after taking Bulletproof Collagen Protein

  • Decreased cellulite

The reason why I initially started taking Bulletproof Collagen Protein was to help decrease the appearance of cellulite on my legs. Cellulite is caused by the herniation of subcutaneous fat within fibrous connective tissue of the hypodermis. Since the root cause of cellulite is breakdown of connective tissue, I figured using collagen to help repair my connective tissue would decrease the appearance of my cellulite. And I was right! I still have some cellulite, but I attribute this to slacking on my diet. Overall, I would say I have definitely noticed a decrease in my cellulite after taking Bulletproof Collagen Protein.

  • Improved skin tone

This may sound cliche, but I have definitely noticed a “glow” to my skin after taking Bulletproof Collagen Protein. My skin is clear, bright, and firm. Plus, if I do get a blemish, I’ve noticed that it heals much faster than when I was not taking collagen.

  • Stronger nails

The first sign that indicated my daily intake of Bulletproof Collagen Protein was working effectively was my stronger nails. They also grow much faster, too!

  • Longer eyelashes

I didn’t start to notice my longer eyelashes until several months of Bulletproof Collagen Protein. It looks like I have mascara on even when I don’t! I’m very pleased with this result and I am hoping the same thing will happen with my eyebrows, however, I haven’t noticed any difference as of yet.

Where to buy Bulletproof Collagen Protein

You can buy Bulletproof Collagen Protein on the Bulletproof website or on Amazon.

Bulletproof offers several varieties of their collagen protein: